Aeriel View of New York

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Aeriel View of New York

As yet unpublished Novel:


This is the first in a two - or possibly three- part novel sequence which I finished editing in 2015. The second novel in the series, ARGUING FROM SILENCE , is also complete.

The Apologist is a futuristic political thriller in which the life of the eponymous character, also a world-renowned neurosurgeon called Jonathan Graham, begins to unravel as he becomes the focus of sinister attention from the highest possible echelons of world government.

In 2033, there is a One World Nation Federal Government (OWN), administratively divided into ten geo-political alliances. The world President, Sanwer Al Mahoudi, is a legal and political genius in possession of an intellect and powers of diplomacy which diffuse even the most entrenched and volatile of situations; like the Arab/Israeli conflict and the resource and strategic issues which lead the world to the brink of WW3, in 2026. Al Mahoudi introduces global legislation to prevent religious proselytising and grant the Earth’s citizens the right to practise any religion of their choice, regardless of country of residence. The ensuing peace and tolerance, boosts to international trade and relations, are unprecedented. It seems the President has God on his side.

Is Al Mahoudi the long-awaited Jewish ‘Mashiach’? The Muslim Mahdi? Is he, as the  Russians and Chinese think, just a brilliant confidence trickster seeking a second term re-election?

Or, is he the Anti Christ?

This novel follows the lives of Jonathan Graham and those of his friends and family, as they are forced to curtail their Christian activities in response to a hostile government masquerading as the most religiously tolerant regime the world has known. As Al Mahoudi flexes his Anti-Christian ‘muscle’, employing field agents to implement his plans, God appoints certain ‘counter agents’ of His own.

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